As it’s been said, “When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.” 

I observe that my Students are each extraordinary individuals, and aside from their desire to expand their Consciousness and Psychic Abilities, there is often something fateful about our meeting and working together. 

If you are interested, you can either do a 5-month or 12-month, personalized course of study. 

Our work will integrate Ancient Knowledge and cutting-edge Quantum Electrodynamics, as well as maximize your use of the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection, and Precognition and Interdimensional Communication. And, while all of these are available to you and will help build your Mediumship, too – we will most especially focus on the natural psychic talents you most wish to explore and expand. 

Your course will be tailored to your gifts, interests, and schedule. It includes a monthly Mediumship and Psi practice opportunity at my Message Circle/Home Circle, a copy of my report on Vitamins and Nutrients for Active Psychics and Intuitives, and private Psychic Readings during the course, starting with an initial Reading for you at the beginning of our work together. 

A Full Year of Personal Access — $7,711.11

12 Months of 2 – hour sessions, and 3 bonus sessions. We start with an initial Reading and an exploration of your talents and gifts.

5 Months of Personal Access — $3,697.11

5 Months of 2–hour sessions, with 2 bonus sessions.

Studying with Auset including copies of Auset’s new & upcoming books and personal invitations to speaking engagements and events.

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