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Q: “I can’t stop thinking of my Ex. I know he isn’t the one for me. But, I can’t seem to get over him! Do I need a spell or is there a charm I can use? Has he tied me to him? Help!– Feeling Bound

I love your question! Thank you for reaching out. The reason I love your question is that I have great news for you! And, I really respect people who take action and reach out for new info. That’s smart!

So, here’s the great news: The reason you still have such strong feelings for your Ex isn’t that they’ve bound you or tied you. You still have feelings because…you are deep and NOT shallow! You are a person who has strong feelings – and you weren’t just trifling with the other person. It’s inconvenient right now, but it indicates that you are capable of Beautiful Love and deep feelings, and caring. I’m so happy for you! Give Thanks – even as you ache! If this is how you are about someone who isn’t quite a fit for you – or you for them… Just IMAGINE what it will be like when you are partnered with someone who is an even better fit for you. This experience can help you prepare for true love: Let yourself “feeeeel” (into the future) what it will be like when you are with your true One. And remember: people talk about the adventures and the drama they had on the path to finding true love. Some are rich with stories! This is one of your stories – the drama you will talk and laugh about when you are a little old person, remembering. So please, be gentle with yourself as you go through this.

There are things you can do to feel unbound, too. But I just think you actually get to indulge a little in your feelings. It may seem crazy, but this is part of how you know you are alive! Some people really don’t experience deep feelings. I really meant it when I said Give Thanks. You are capable of being touched and connected. Don’t worry. The feelings will very likely fade. After you pause to acknowledge and give thanks for them, it can actually be easier to take a deep breath and put those feelings away – and into perspective. Here is what I invite you to do so that you are freed of the attachment and unbounded. You can consider this as advice or a series of steps in a larger ritual. Whatever feels good to you:

First, go ahead and think about what worked for you about the person you’ve broken up with. Surprisingly, I invite you to savour each thing about them that really worked for you! Now, realize that these may be traits that you’ll look for in your actual true love. In fact, congratulate yourself that you’ve already partnered with someone who at least had “some” of what you’re truly looking for – and want in your life. Now, consider what didn’t work for you in that relationship. Even think about what didn’t work for your Ex! Are those things you want to work on? Are those things that you Like about yourself? That means you’ll need someone who’ll LIKE those very things in you! lol. This is all useful information! If you’re single it gives you a clearer picture of what will reeeeally be a great fit for you. If you are with someone new, it may give you a juicy appreciation for those very things in your new partner! It can also give you a beautifully healthy appreciation for things about yourself that you Don’t want to change. Because they DO work for you. They Are aspects of yourself that you love and respect! All the while it puts your Ex further into the history column and in your rearview mirror! Call that magic if you want to!

With all due respect, there’s another possibility for why we can have lingering feelings. And, it must be considered. Again, with all due respect, sometimes we think “too much” about an Ex because we DHSETD. Sometimes we miss them because, ahem…We just…Don’t Have Shit Else To Do. It’s okay. It’s perfectly normal and natural. It’s an important realization, too. I hereby give you permission to look in the mirror, or within yourself and say to yourself, “Oh! Not that my ex wasn’t great in some ways BUT, this all…these feelings… only prove that I just Don’t Have Shit Else To Do. It’s not even all that. I just DHSETD, right now. Go ahead and roll your eyes if you want to. Then think about what else you could be doing and thinking about – that’s Much more satisfying. Here’s a variation on the theme: “There I go thinking about you again. Not that you weren’t very uhm nice in a number of ways. But this feeling and these thoughts…Insert Eyeroll…This is really because I DHSETD.

Let it flow you into giving yourself other things to do – especially satisfying and gratifying things, acts of self-care like bathing with lavender essential oil in your bubble bath, or in a bath of Epsom Salts; burn incense that inspires you – or is a mood; fill your time with classes or exploring things which are so YOU, and advance you, and make you more of your own Truest Best Self. These do more than free you up. They make you all the more ready for your True Love! And, this all has you transforming those now fading old feelings into a celebration of your Spiritual power and powerful, elegant Self-mastery.


Q: “Hi Auset, What do you think about empowering our Ancestors and healing Generational Curses?” – My Ancestors’ Wildest Dream

Hi! And, thank you for your question! I think it’s great to send your Ancestors Love, and to think of them. But overall, they don’t need empowering in the present. They’re FINE! There are other things you can do in regard to your loving Ancestors – like calling them into more active participation in your life. And, it’s remarkably easy to do! Just think of them with love. Some may be paying attention already – because you are their child and they love you – and seeing how you do your life! They are part of the actively Loving Universe that is focused on you. Some of them also are out there enjoying the Universe and being “in the presence of Love, unfiltered”. Enjoy thinking of their Joy and Well-being. Just as they enjoy thinking of your Joy and Well-being. Engage in your practice of meditation with love for yourself and them. You may find that over time you get to have glimpses of the Universe as they are experiencing it – as well as the feeling of Universal and Eternal Love.

As to healing Generational Curses: It can really depend on what you mean by that term. More so than actual “Curses”, many people are referring to Generational Trauma – and the effects on families of all kinds of upheaval, distress – like wars and seeking refuge from natural disasters, as well as the range of heartbreaking injustices many of our families have endured. From abuse to enslavement and genocide. Healing these requires a mix of approaches. It’s intricate. If you like you are welcome to think of it as Serious Magick and Fierce Medicine. If you think of it as a Ritual, it is one that takes years to complete. This is a Sacred Ritual so powerful that it includes Self Transformation and vitamins. Imagine that. You’d better believe that some of it you will not like. And, some of it will be as boringly mundane as getting therapy for yourself and your family members – and learning, even studying history and see the twisted threads of the curse or trauma so you can undo them. Overall, I think that to be about this Healing means that you are a Spiritual Bad Ass of legendary proportions. And…I salute you. To break this curse – truly – makes you a Shaper of Worlds. It means you are a Spirit Warrior who heals yourself, your Children, your Ancestors, and the Future. You are a chain breaker, a Destroyer of toxic Cycles. You become a Matriarchal Powerhouse or Renowned Father of your Family. You will be unpopular with those who are stuck, scared, colonized, ignorant, paralyzed, and worst of all…comfortable with the unwell way things are. You asked. Are you up for it? In case I haven’t said the upside clearly enough, you will be Free on a whole other level. You will bring the Light and Love for those who follow. You will set the tone for your family – to eventually become that Elder: the Coolest, most Trusted and Beloved in your Family. You will live in History and graduate to become a mighty Ancestor. And…even your Ancestors will applaud you and celebrate you.

So what does it take? What does the process look like? The simplest description is that it’s tearing off the old bandage, opening the old wounds, and cleaning them out so they can heal. Safely and honestly holding accountability in your family – speaking on the abuse and the abusers, both in your family and in society. So that could be “Uncle Chester” and/or your government. Then getting therapy for the hurt and dysfunction they’ve caused. Look in the places you Don’t Want to look. Do NOT require forgiveness to move on. Acknowledge the whole terrible truth of what was done. Then, knowing it is all true and really was done and happened, decide what you want to do NEXT.

Those are direct examples of Breaking cycles of abuse and trauma. This is true, deep living Ritual. You can forget about being LGBTQIA+phobic as well as colorist or racist. Remember that Love is a Behaviour. Not just talk. Apply LOVE. Reclaim, honor, enjoy and share aspects of your lineages – from religions, sciences, and languages to foods and fashions. Model and Stand For people being their Truest, Best Selves. Understand that Generational Curses/Traumas exhausts our bodies’ nutrient levels and stress levels. So feed yourself well. Replenish. Then, remember two things:

The best revenge is Massive Success.

The Best way to ASSURE Your Family’s and YOUR People’s Rights, Safety, Future, and Well-being, is to stand for, Assure, and Lock-In, E V E R Y O N E ‘ s Rights, Safety, Future, and Well-being.

If you want to get fancy about it, Bless and offer all you do and intend to your Ancestors, your Descendants, Your Highest Self, The Universe Itself, and in the name of True, Eternal Love.


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