Getting My Life Back With Keto!

A successful Keto eating plan got my life back on the path of health.

Here are three photos of me before Keto, and three photos of me after Keto.

My Life Without Keto

My Life With Keto!

My Baby, Ms. Universe, on Keto!

Miss Universe out for a walk
Ms Universe is ready to play!

So glad this day has arrived.
Today was the 307th Day since my Uni Girl was diagnosed with cancer. 307 days is the most optimistic prognosis for her condition. We have a ways to go, but here she is, gaily bouncing her way to good health.
Our thanks, forever, to the for pointing the way! I add every nutritional support I can learn about, too! It’s been an education! Blessings to you and all the furry ones you’ve ever loved!


It’s Day 350!!

That’s 350 days since Ms. Uni’s diagnosis of Subcutaneous HemangioSarcoma (HSA). We’re 15 days away from a full year. As others have said, the possibility once seemed so remote. But, here we are – #Hopeful #Milestone

Thank you, HSA Group &! #KetoForCarnivores! (& #HealthyKetoForHumans!)


The Dr. said bring Uni back in about 60 days.

Because, she diagnosed Cancer.

She spoke as if that’s when we’d have to say Goodbye to my Uni Girl.

Well, here’s Ms. Uni today. Day 417.

We’re using Healthy Keto, natural supplements and her red Kong toy.

We aren’t done. But, we’ll keep going.


It’s 444 Day!

For Ms. Uni, it’s the 444th Day since her cancer diagnosis. We’re so thankful for every single new day.

She’s eating Healthy Keto and taking targeted supplements. As best we can, we’re applying Dr. Thomas N Seyfried’s research from his book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.”

Go on, Ms. Uni Girl! Long May your Flag-tail wave!

Celebrating Day 521 & Sweet Ms. Uni!!
Thankful for the Support of Hemangiosarcoma Pet Group & Info from the KetoPetSanctuary, Dr Eric Berg’s Healthy Keto & Professor Thomas Seyfried for helping us keep SubQ HSA at bay. One day at a time


We’ve passed Day 900!!

It’s more than 900 days since Uni was diagnosed with cancer. Did you know Cancer only has 2 foods? Sugar and Glutamine (an amino acid) We’re starving the cancer with Keto and a Glutamine blocker EGCG. And we play catch to raise her oxygen levels! Go Uni Girl!


Mz. Uni of 1,000 Days!!

Mz. Universe has made it past 1,000 Days since her cancer diagnosis. The vet gave her 3-4 months to live – just 120-Days.

YES! We play fetch every day! Why? To boost her Oxygen levels. Cancer doesn’t like an oxygen rich body. AND, Cancer ONLY has 2-food sources: Sugar and Glutamine, an amino acid. Well, Fk Cancer! Pass the word: ZERO out carbs to starve cancer of sugar. And – add glutamine blockers like EGCG & DON. It’s working! Thank You: & Dr Thomas N Seyfried!


Happy 3-Years Later, Ms. Uni!!

We’re still fighting that Cancer and keeping her oxygen levels high with fun.


Happy Birthday, Ms. Uni! She was 7 when the Vet diagnosed her with Cancer. We didn’t think she’d live to see double-digits. Now, she is 11 years old!! Still running and playing catch. We are holding cancer at bay – slowing it down to a crawl. As the brilliant researcher, Prof. Thomas Seyfried has said, with the “Metabolic Approach”, cancer can become an irritating chronic disease, managed with diet and nutrition. Uni will continue to live a full and joyful life. At the rate we are going, Uni-Girl will die of old age and contentment, but not from cancer. A win is a win.

Look for us on TikTok! We’ve started to share what we’ve learned – in case it may be of help to others.

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