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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)

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Do You CE5? Did You See CE5?

Dr. Stephen Greer’s CE5 movie, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun is a necessary masterpiece. And for me, there’s an added gem inside this gem.

Just like his movies Sirius Disclosure and Unacknowledged – the two movies which led up to it – CE5 serves up what we need. It is like a spoonful of powerful medicine: essentially delicious because it is full of hope for our amazing future. There are also bitter truths to take in, in order for us to heal.

The CE5 movie accomplishes three main tasks: 

  1. It encourages everyday people to reach out peacefully as direct Citizen-Ambassadors of Earth to the space traveling community of advanced civilizations.
  2. CE5 tells us how to do it – how to communicate via Consciousness to those advanced Cultures, along with the science that supports and validates the method. It shares how using our Consciousness with Peaceful Intent – focused outward beyond Earth and applied right here, among ourselves on Earth is an impressive flex. It’s an elevation of Humanity that qualifies us for total First Contact and a seat at the galactic grownups’ table.
  3. This movie tells us also who on Earth is blocking our access to the stars. I call these co…smic blockers the last dinosaurs of the Military Industrial Complex – or “the MIC”. At this point it’s more than just the military. It includes Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Prison, Big Oil, Big Finance, Big Media… Goodness and have mercy! To me, the MIC means the Multiple Industrial Complex!

Let me just spell this next part out, because there’s so much money and fun to be had in clearing this path to our future!

Don’t worry “MIC”! If the MIC wants its riches…then it’s failing to see the supermassive wealth to be made from an “open” earth – and a peaceful, healthy Earth. They’re so focused on amassing Trillions of dollars They don’t grasp the easier Septillions of dollars to be gained from cleaning up petrochemical damage and graduating us to cleaner, cooler, faster technologies. 

The same applies to our toxic agricultural and pharmaceutical approaches to food and health. It is frankly surprising that they miss how much new money can be made from cleaning up our old messes, educating for peace, justice and Oneness – and refocusing our armed services into action-ready national services in response to disasters, reversing climate damage, upgrading infrastructure, and peaceful space exploration. I don’t expect humans to give up greed. I’m just saying if you’re going to be greedy. Be Smart Greedy! (Not Dumbfk Greedy!) I mean!

If it’s more power that the MIC wants…then their oligarchs are cheating their own kids out of the exponential, interplanetary levels of power and Royalty-level Hero worship they can have by leading us into a peaceful economy and expansion into a spacefaring society. I find that especially surprising. 

By the way, expanding off-world will reduce the pressures of overpopulation. There will be opportunities elsewhere and rich new markets opened. Am I being too subtle? I’ll just say it: Billions of people believe the-powers-that-be want to kill off huge parts of humanity – to steal their real estate and other assets, and because they just don’t value their lives. With imminent expansion into space, they just won’t need to. AND…off-world Human communities will be a rich market for trade goods and tourism. Plus! A pretty and peaceful Earth will be a fabulously lucrative attraction for “Visitors”. Clean hands and a Clean Earth = High Efficiency.

These ramifications of CE5-ing and achieving an advanced, open Earth are what make this movie so important. To me, it’s a masterpiece of good intention, clear communication, and solid scientific evidence.

And About That Hidden Gem:

The movie’s hidden gem is summed up in the illustration of the scientist Adam Michael Curry’s Houseplant RNG experiment with randomised lighting. (Find it at minute 50:04.) Spoiler Alert! It shows that there is consciousness in all things. Even in potted plants. Really and truly.

This reinforces that through our Consciousness, we t00 can affect the Universe we are part of. And, we can communicate locally, and with our very extended family across the Universe.

It confirms the most modern science and the scientific wisdom of our Ancestors and “Animists” in nearly every pre-Colonial, traditional culture. And, of course, it points out our path to being truly, brilliantly at home among the stars.