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The Energy Heart Sutra

Here’s a link to the meditation I recorded! it’s the Heart Sutra but I’ve added some of my own interpretation to it. I really just changed one word – I added the word Energy. In fact, I substituted Energy for Emptiness. I think it’s just a modernisation, an update. because it is amazing how the Heart Sutra’s concept of “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form” matches so well with quantum physics and how Everything is Energy and how Energy is Mass times the speed of Light, squared.

I updated it, because this is the interpretation that I hear in my mind. Not only is Form=Energy, but that Energy is Love. That’s my biggest addition to physics. And, I observe that with Love as the fundamental energy of the Universe everything else falls into place. It answers as the Grand Unifying Force. It fulfils the Grand Unifying Theory. (Now, please give me my Nobel Prize.)

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