My Mission is Love



Have you heard of Occam’s Razor? It’s the idea that the simplest logical solution is usually the best.

Well, Auset’s Razor is the concept that the simplest, logical solution which includes Love is usually the best.

What is the loving and smart thing to do? For yourself, and for others? For your health, and your relationships? For your psychic abilities? Use logic. Add Love, and stir. My mission is to share how well this works. Because I love seeing it change lives and make them blossom.

Besides, a brilliantly advanced and loving-kind world is where I want to live. And. It’s irresistibly fun to contribute to it!

All of this reasoning is based on one core principle:

The basic, essential energy of the Universe is Love. And, the essential Operating System of the Universe is also…Love.

It is Love that connects us in Universal Consciousness. Love is Quantum Physic’s grand unifying force of the Universe. And, it is the basis for our most powerful Intuitive Gifts, too. And although we are so loved that we have free will – which can be messy – Universal LovinOneness is our newest evolutionary level and our surest path forward as individuals, as a species, and as a planet.

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