About Auset

photo of Auset O'Neal

Auset O’Neal is joyfully busy as a Certified Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Mentor, and Senior Message Circle Conductor. She is the co-host of the podcast Intuitive Secrets with Qompany of Prophets, and the host of the new podcast It’s All Just Love.

Auset is an Animist, Futurist, Healthy-Keto Coach, Morris Pratt Student, and serial Entrepreneur.
She has presented workshops on Spirituality at the Black Trans Advocacy Conference, and online at the Lily Dale Assembly. She has conducted and co-conducted message circles at the Spiritualist Church of NYC and the Holistic Studies Institute. And, she is the author of the upcoming book, Intuitive Secrets: How to Activate and Accelerate Your Psychic Abilities – Without Scaring Yourself Silly.

Auset sees all with compassion in a Universe made of Love. She considers the Law of Attraction, and Psychic Abilities such as mediumship, precognition, and energy healing to be “applied physics” which confirm post-materialist science and quantum electrodynamics.

“Love is the essential energy of The Universe and Love is the grand, unifying, operating system on which The Universe runs.”