Private Psychic Readings

You are welcome to contact me for a private psychic reading.

You can expect to hear from Loved Ones, along with your Guides, Future Selves, and your Highest Self – The Universe.

Call or email to schedule an appointment. It is confirmed by your payment. As soon as that’s received, I start to work by focusing on you and inviting your Loved Ones to bring me messages or insights for you – anything important they want you to know.

Then, I invite in The Loving Universe itself, plus your Guides and mine to bring in anything they see for you  – and need you to know. 

Get the Most out of Your Reading!

Make sure you will not be disturbed.

If you can, relax quietly for a few minutes before we speak. 

You are welcome to come with any particular questions you have. 

What to expect: 

After acknowledging that all we do is within the name and presence of Love…

I will tell you what I see, hear, and feel for you. 

After that you’re welcome to ask any of your questions that weren’t  already covered! 

Private Psychic Readings are 30 minutes: $85 (US). 60 minutes: $125 (US). Additional half hour increments: $35 (US).

Send Payment via

Venmo: @Auset-ONeal or Cashapp: $AusetONeal

I am also available for Group Readings, Message Circles, and Fundraising events.


Rescheduling & Cancellations

You are welcome to reschedule – up to 24 hours before the appointment.

It’s better than canceling- because I will already have started to work for you. And, you will already have info waiting for you. I’d rather give it to you than walk around with it – and charge you the 50% cancellation fee. 

By law, I am required to say that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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