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What they’re saying: CelebrateLife! Progressive Spiritualist Community Zoom Service

 D: That was lovely 🥰 thank you for sharing 🙏🏿💛

Auset: From Helene Hadsell – the Winning Sage
Select it!
Project It!
Expect it!
Collect IT! Yay!!!

R: Wow!!!  Inspiring
J: Thank you.  Beautiful sermon ❤️
D: Thank you, Auset! So uplifting and inspiring 🙏🏿🥰
M: amazing! thank you for an insig😍htful sermon

C: Inspiring message – thank you Auset!

R:  Goosebumps! Beautiful. Look at D’s SMILE!
R:⛈️🌈“Thunder, Thunderation, You Create  A Great Sensation! Go Thunder! WooHoo! Go Thunder!”🙏🌈
R: That was AMAZING!!!You got to everyone already

D: Thank you Auset, thank you Spirit! We affirm!
B: thank you! very heartwarming ❤️
D: Beautiful, love in divine TRUTH 🥰
M: Auset, thank you for a wonderful message…🙏
T: thank you Auset! thank you All🌅
R: 10 for 10
Pastor A: happy to introduce you to my self: I am pastor A from Uganda 🇺🇬..Nice to meet you all!!

What Psychic Message Group Attendees Are Saying!:

“The session helped me to get through a very difficult time that I did not realize was coming. The gifts shared were priceless.” 

“The message from my daddy, I cannot tell you how healing that was for me. Thank you.”

Auset is genuine, kind and honest. She has a very beautiful gift and was definitely in tune to everything around me.  She has so much compassion and it’s clear that she has her client’s best interest in mind. The insight she shared with me was so healing and encouraging. I enjoyed my wonderful reading with her and would highly recommend her. Thank you so much!   

Love and light,

Josephine P

From the moment I saw Auset at the Black Trans Advocacy Conference, I knew we were destined to connect. I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop that she led and found myself nodding in agreement, laughing, and crying. She had so many drops of wisdom.  She offered to share a one-word reading with each of the participants at any point during the conference and when I asked, she graciously offered a full session. She made me feel so safe and comfortable. What she reflected back to me dropped in with grace and truth. She sensed my recently departed grandmother and described her perfectly. She sensed that I will care for children on my own and that is looking more and more likely. She even heard something bizarre drop-in that wouldn’t have made sense to anyone but me; she simply said, “left arm.” That observation brought closure to an old trauma and created space for a new path. She had no idea that in my first reiki session, we found pain living there. Or that in my recent reiki attunement, we found power there. Or that a few weeks later, sensing into my arms and hands helped me make the decision to leave my office day job and get free.  She was a complete stranger whose words have guided me since and given me the audacity to live my life fully awake and led by my heart. I serve as a death midwife, yogi, reiki practitioner, and caregiver. I am grateful to be on this path alongside spiritual warriors like Auset. A woman unafraid of the unseen who deeply listens to spirit. I am grateful that she shares her gifts with the world.”

Laura Barton, Atlanta GA


IG: Lalalohala


When I first met Auset O’Neal, I was only looking to have breakfast. But along with breakfast, I was struck by the coincidental (for me) nature of her presence and character.  If I never saw her again, I knew I would always remember running into this woman at a hotel breakfast buffet.  But I did see her again, and we spoke and talked and spoke some more. It soon became very clear to me that we should continue communicating until infinity.  Meeting Auset became one of the great serendipities of my life.  For that morning, I found a new friend and teacher named Auset O’Neal in a place I had never visited before. 

Auset is a great proponent of J.O.Y., and at first, I was suspicious of this characteristic.  Gradually, my suspicions turned into an attitude of “why not give joy a try”.   So even when it wasn’t the Holiday Season, I began to focus on feeling joyful and my life began to change for the better.  I began meditating and using daily affirmations.  I was already a student of the Seth/Jane Roberts material, and I didn’t want to hear of any other channeled materials. But Auset showed me that Abraham-Hicks has a lot to offer that supports the Seth Material.  

Meeting Auset was like the beginning of Spring, for me. Over the years, this feeling has not faded.  Auset continues to show me new things. When I don’t see how life can get more juicy and delicious: Auset shows me M.O.R.E.  Auset brings her light to illuminate the shadowed corners of my mind, and then voila—good old-fashioned joy takes root and grows.  My consciousness has expanded beyond my wildest expectations.  I am more at ease and sure in the world because Auset brought her joyous light into my life.  

Auset wants us all to be joyful because she understands we are all connected at the deepest levels.  Auset knows that when we understand that we are all One, humanity will progress and realize its full potential as citizens of the Universe. 

Thank you, Auset, for caring and using your many gifts to improve our lives.  

Leo Hill

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